The Experience Of Prince

Phillip Lamar & Paizley Park


If you’re going to pay tribute to one of the all-time best-selling artists, then you’d better have something serious to bring. With sales of more than 150 million records, there are a lot of fans who know every note played, every costume worn and every choreographed step by the late megastar, Prince, and doing it half-way just won’t cut it. Paizley Park is the creation of Phillip Lamar who formed the band at the urging of his friends and fans who (thankfully) convinced him that his vocal and physical attributes were spot on resemblances to THE Purple one.

But there is more to forming a successful tribute band, especially a PRINCE tribute band, than appearance and talent – a lot more. Countless hours are consumed watching concert videos, studying every nuanced move and every arrangement variation, all before the first musician is auditioned. Then, the work of finding players who are both, competent and excited about the project starts.

Fortunately, there was no lack of professional musicians wanting to step into the opportunity of playing a role in the recreation of Prince’s dynamic band. Paizley Park came together in January 2016. Four months later, Prince left us and the Denver tribute’s notoriety skyrocketed.

Paizley Park may be too large for many clubs as word about its completely authentic presentation of Prince and his backing band, The Revolution, has spread. Multiple costume changes, intricate choreography and spot-on musical delivery combine to recreate the performances of a true superstar. Audiences are teleported back to the memory of their favorite show, or to the show they were sorry to have missed and as buzz for the band grows with each appearance the future for Paizley Park is a bright Purple.